The cleaner, greener, non-GMO alternative to conventional farming with commercial level yields.
We grow as much as 19 acres of farmland from ONE container.

Using our patent-pending SmartHarvest units, each plant gets its own intelligently controlled environment.
The result: fresher, higher quality produce that gets to you faster – with huge environmental savings.

  • The Future of Food, Today

    Maximizing efficiency while maintaining yield for produce is the stuff of science fiction. We’re doing it today, and it’s healthier than ever.

  • Better for you, better for earth

    Not only does our produce get to you faster – meaning it’s fresher – it has 8% the carbon footprint of commercial greens.

  • No Buzzwords. Just results.

    We’re committed to the philosophy of all-natural, fresh, local produce, and we’re working everyday to improve ourselves.

Fine-Tuned Farming

In the AquaHarvest farming approach each plant gets its own tightly controlled environment where we give it exactly what it needs in just the right amounts. Here’s what we’ve managed with our first commercial units.

1/2,000th the Amount of Water

Aqua Harvest Water 2

Each plant gets exactly as much water as it needs, and no more. We don’t lose water to evaporation and we use those savings to increase our produce yield.

1/97th the Land


Traditionally crops are restricted to fields – but we can plant vertically as well. Stackable units for each plant means we can compact an entire farm’s output into x standard shipping containers.

8% Carbon Footprint


By using a lot less space and getting a lot more plants, we can change the distribution chain. You get more of the fresher, cheaper produce you love.